Unemployement compensation for G permit in France


I would like to better understand the system of unemployment compensation for Frontaliers. I have G work permit and have been working in Switzerland/Geneva for 2,5 years.

Due to the unsustainable workload and work conditions in my company I am seriously considering to renounce and need to understand the following:

  1. under which conditions am I entitled for unemployment benefit? it is to say how I need to close my contract?
  2. what is the calculation system of unemployment compensation (approximate percentage of the salary/limits?) are there any watch outs to consider - e.g. start of the compensation payment after certain period, other?
  3. How long is the unemployment benefit paid out? what are the conditions? how does it work with health insurance payments - as I am registered and paying Swiss one?

Thank you in advance for your advices!


must be french resident

must be fired, not self resigning


could you specify must be fired - what reasons, how it needs to be formulated? also how come I have no entitlement when I was contributing to the system for 2,5 years?



fired for economic raisons, fired for insufficient performance are ok raisons.

quitting in mutual agrement not.

pass this page below in google translate for the other questions

you should learn french if you live in France :sunglasses:

call this organisation too, tell us if they give support in english :sunglasses::sunglasses:


not really. you “must lose your job against your will”.
one exception : if you quit because your wife found a new job somewhere far from here, you can quit to follow her (or vice versa), et then you get unemployment benefit as if you were fired.

French are specialist to get money when they don’t deserve it, so look around, you’ll see thousands of pages explaining how to do this.
as far as benefit are concerned, if you worked over two years in your last job, you get the maximum which is 23 months of unemployment benefits (~50 % of your average salary).
During that period you may have to show that you’re actively looking for a job.

All of this is valid only if you reside in France.