Attestation de radiation de la caisse privé,

Today I visited the CPAM in Mulhouse. I had my E106 Helsana forms. I was requested to return with a « attestation de radiation de la caisse privé »
Can anyone tell me what this is please, in English would be helpful as I couldn’t understand today at the office.

Many thanks

Hey forbean,

This « attestation de radiation de la caisse privée » is a paper you can ask to your previous Private French health insurance.

On this paper, you should normally have the date of the end of your contract which has to correspond to the beginning of your new helsana contract.

you can’t have a « hole » between the end of your last contract and the beginning of the new one, I think this is the point the CPAM want to check!

good luck!

Hi forbean, may I ask you what was your previous situation? Since when are you working in Switzerland and when did your previous pivate health insurance end? When has your new insurance with Helsana started? Cheers

please be advise that the CPAM will mostly try to screw you…
if you had a private french health insurance before they may ignore the fact that you are at Helsana and force you to be at the CMU which cost 8% of your incomes…

and once they mark you in the CMU system, it will be a pain in the ass to go out… you will need to contest it, go to the court and write a lot of letters…

Thank you. They have not asked for the contract start date from Helsana. Do you expect this is what they do next?!

yes probably! and also the end of your French contract to compare!

Hi Forbean, giving you directions depends very much on where you come from and where you want to go.

Reading you between the lines, I can only assume :
a - you work in Switzerland and reside outside of Switzerland, under the so-call « frontalier » status.
b - you want to (or already have) subscribe (d) to the swiss social security regime called « Lamal »

To make a long story short, before June 2014, a frontalier had three possibilities as far as medical insurance was concerned :
1 - adhere to the swiss system (Lamal)
2 - adhere to the french social security system
3 - adhere to a private insurance system

For 1 and 2, you could subscribe also to complementary coverage, with a private insurance company.

Since June 2014, option 3 is not any more an option. You have to choose between swiss Lamal and the french social security, called CMU.

Frontaliers previously under the private system (option) 3 do not have the choice to go to Lamal, they have to switch to the french social security.

There three cases where you can freely choose between french social security and Lamal :
1 - You are starting your work in Switzerland
2 - you are getting retired
3 - you restart working in Switzerland after paid unemployment period.

In case 3 (my case), I have been under french social security during unemployment, I have restarted working in Switzerland, subscribed to Helena, and now I have lost my job again, returning to pĂ´le-emploi, hence being covered by french Social security, I am stopping my Helena contract.

Helsana is asking me to prove that I am covered by french SS since day 1 of unemployment.

I am still waiting the paperwork from CPAM, this is not a standard form yet.
As taki said, you cannot have a hole in your health insurance.

If you have a « hole » period, french SS is entitled to charge you at CMU rate, for the hole, plus continue to charge you if you were not entitled to choose Lamal.